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..Songwriter, singer, musician, actor, artist - Steve Kilbey has etched a unique and rarified niche for himself. Above all else he is credible - lending a genuine artistry to all of his endeavours...\n\n..His recording career stretches back twenty three years - he has toured the world, had hit singles and lived the rock'n'roll dream. Yet all this he does in his own inimitable style, never bending to what the perceived mainstream public may want - he maintains his unique vision and more importantly - his integrity...\n\n..Karmic Hit is lucky enough to have access to much of his solo work - with more to be re-released from his amazing back catalogue as we can get to them. However, it is his new work which truly excites us. His voice and lyrics have never been better and, as always, he is never afraid to go out on a limb to pick a new and exotic musical fruit... Also check out\n\n..The great thing is, if you have just come to him now - you have so much incredible music to discover!..\n\nAside from an ongoing dynamic presence fronting The Church, Steve was a guest singer with The Triffids at the Sydney Festival and the Kev Carmody 'Cannot Buy My Soul' concerts in 2008 and with The Triffids 'A Secret In The Shape of a Song' concerts in Melbourne and Perth and on the Leonard Cohen tour in the Hunter Valley' in 2009, just some of the many facets of Steve's ongoing music career having also appeared in a select band, along with Tim Powles (The Church), for Russell Morris's ARIA Hall of Fame induction in 2008.. \n\nSteve has also been a regular performer at the Queensland Poetry Festivals and, when time permits, treads the boards as an actor in his hometown of Bondi... In 2008 Steve released his first solo album in 8 years, PAINKILLER , celebrating with live gigs in Sydney with bandmates Tim Powles on drums, Ricky Rene Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre/Mellow Drunk), William Bowden (master of electronics) and Scott Von Ryper (The Black Ryder/Morning After Girls). Live video can be found on Youtube. Early 2009 SK performed with The Triffids in Melbourne, Perth and on the Leonard Cohen tour of the Hunter Valley...\n\nPainkiller and other SK/Church gems can be listened to and downloaded from ..Second Motion Records.. in the USA or ..Churchmerch.. and ..Karmic Hit.. in Australia.\n\nThis is Steve Kilbey's official myspace site so you can send messages to him via the Inbox messaging facility or leave a comment which will be read by the man himself ... or connect with him on Facebook.\n\nMuch of Steve's artwork is available for purchase at where you can preview and purchase some amazing originals and prints!\n..\n\n\n..Steve's official blog .... ......\n...... \n\n..Official Church band music & merchandise....Churchmerch - Australia......Second Motion Records - USA....\n..\n\n..Official Steve Kilbey music and merchandise ....Karmic Hit - Australia.. .. ..Second Motion Records - USA....\n..\n\n..\n\n\n..\n\n\n..\n\n..\n..\n..Myspace Layouts..\n\n\n..\n..\n\n\t\n..\n..\n ..\n ..\n ..\n ..\n..\n..\n..\n....\n..\n..\n ..\n ..\n ..\n ..\n..\n..\n..\n

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All the latest Steve Kilbey events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. Steve Kilbey on wiki. Or look at the Youtube Steve Kilbey on Youtube

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