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Styx (pronounced: /stɪks/) is an American rock band. Their hit songs have included "Come Sail Away", "Lady", "Mr. Roboto", "Renegade", "Babe", "Blue Collar Man" and "The Best of Times". The eight consecutive albums certified multi-platinum by the RIAA. Styx formed in Chicago. Twin brothers Chuck and John Panozzo first got together with their neighbor Dennis DeYoung in 1961 in the Roseland section of the south side of Chicago, eventually taking the band name "The Tradewinds". Chuck Panozzo left to attend seminary school for a year but returned to the group by 1964. By this time, the others had brought in guitarist Tom Nardini to teach Chuck the guitar. Chuck decided to rejoin the others as bassist. Brother John was the drummer, while Dennis had switched from accordion to organ and piano. In 1965, the name "Tradewinds" was changed to TW4 after another band called The Trade Winds broke through nationally. By 1966, the Panozzo brothers had joined DeYoung at Chicago State University and kept the group together doing gigs at high schools and frat parties while studying to be teachers. In 1969, they added a college buddy, John Curulewski, on guitar after Nardini departed. Guitarist James "J.Y." Young came aboard in 1970 making TW4 a quintet. In 1972, the band members decided to choose a new name when they signed to Wooden Nickel Records; several suggestions were made and, says DeYoung, Styx was chosen because it was "the only one that none of us hated". The Grand Illusion (1977) became the group's breakthrough album, reaching Triple Platinum certification and spawning a top-ten hit and AOR radio staple in the DeYoung-written "Come Sail Away,", which reached #8 in 1978, as well as a second radio hit, Shaw's "Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)", which reached #29 the same year. Through the late 1970s, the band enjoyed its greatest success. The album Pieces of Eight (1978) found the group moving in a more straight-ahead pop-rock direction and spawned the Shaw-written hit singles "Renegade,", #16 in the U.S., and "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)," #21 in the U.S., plus a minor hit in the release "Sing for the Day" that stopped just short of the Top Forty at #41.[2] Cornerstone (1979) yielded the group's first number one hit, the DeYoung ballad "Babe" [3]. By early 1980, "Babe" had become the band's biggest international hit and first million-selling single, reaching number six in the United Kingdom [4]. The album also included the #26 DeYoung hit "Why Me", and "Borrowed Time" which was co-written with Shaw, plus Shaw's "Boat On The River". The popularity of the album helped win the band a People's Choice Award for Best New Song in 1980. Styx was nominated for the Twenty-Second Grammy Awards[5] for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group. Cornerstone's engineers Gary Loizzo and Rob Kingsland were nominated for a Grammy[6] at the 22nd Grammy Awards for Best Engineered Recording. (From Wikipedia)

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Tour Dates:
2017-01-06 (Ended)Styx with Don FelderSands Showroom at the Venetian Las Vegas
Las Vegas Nevada , United States
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2017-01-06 (Ended)Styx & Don FelderThe Venetian
Las Vegas Nevada , United States
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2017-01-12 (Ended)StyxThe Rose
Pasadena California , United States
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2017-01-15 (Ended)StyxTalking Stick Resort
Scottsdale Arizona , United States
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2017-01-17 (Ended)StyxCity National Grove of Anaheim
Anaheim California , United States
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External Comments:
billkeir Don't know what to make of what I am reading down below.... I was at the last Glasgow gig where we watched Thin Lizzy put on a great show then Styx performed and I thought that Deep Purple were very brave to follow Styx and I love Deep Purple. It was a night to remember but I put Styx way out in front that night, they gave their all, everybody seemed to enjoy it, Lawrence Gowan was was a polished act, they were all fabulous.
2011-02-05 10:09:07

JamesLando Tuesday Night 1/1/11 - The Plaza Theatre 730pm No "Mr . ROBOTO" tonight here folks !! A large ocean of grey hair fat rednecks . Many old chicks who look good back in 1975 standing around ? Like waiting for young sailors? It's not gonna happen on 2011 old ladies! Go home - Go to bed! Many elders gathered at center row due to the fact they could not hear - BBQ pork outside was so so - Cat food is tastier! Old people keep peeing a lot tonight,, I got up and down from my seat about 47 times to let them pass......Could they get diapers next time they go outside? About 63 people at front filming w/ their devices the band? For what? To place in already super-loaded You Tube? To watch from the bathroom as you take a brown donker? What is so important you must film w/ crappy light conditions? I wonder? Band charisma was good. Sound was good. Band black clothing looked modern. Conclusion : Styx is time to pack it up ,move to Boca Raton and play some Bingo! Plaza Theatre : Get new seats, sell Cat Food !
2011-01-11 18:28:40

pixiestyx Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Mr. Roboto but expecting them to sing anything off their most unsuccessful album at all, not to mention at a multi-act concert where set lists have to be trimmed to the absolute biggest hits tells me you probably have no idea what made this band famous to begin with.
2010-07-26 13:31:37

funkywizard I just saw this in Los Angeles, and I can say I was extremely disappointed. Luckily Foreigner put on a great show before them, otherwise it would have been a total loss. The sound quality was good (unlike what zaahzu said about her WA concert), but they did not play Mr. Roboto. I would have left after Foreigner had I known that ahead of time.
2010-05-19 01:09:44

zaahzu My friend and I just went to thier concert here in WA last weekend and we were very dissapointed. The sound quality sucked, you could barley make out the words to what they where singing and even when they where talking. It sounded like they didnt even do a sound check before hand. It just seemed like their heart was not in it anymore. We waited thru a very boring concert hoping they would play Mr. Roboto at least and the never did! What a wasted night and money.
2009-02-10 09:56:26

GaeLawree Share your of my fav groups
2008-02-09 08:09:12