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For more than twenty-two years, Ickben Einauslander, a professor of Science,had been studying the dead. His work had cost him his family, career, and had completely consumed his life to the point of insanity. Ickben believed that he could re-animate the dead. He sought out any means to achieve this goal, including murder and grave robbing. His research had given him the ability to restore the body and mind of a rotted corpse that is decades old, to a condition not unlike that of a fresh cadaver. However, the mind would not be the same again; he could only recreate a few of a person's personality traits and interests in life, and it came with a price. These creatures had a ferocious thirst for the flesh of humans. Fearing his own life, and his life's work, he developed a way to divert their need for flesh. Ickben found that he could replace their voracious hunger by altering the brain to desire creative inspiration rather than flesh. By the year 2002, Professor Einauslander had been very successful with a number of re-animations with only one problem, none of them were creative people in life, and therefore he could not expand their imaginative drive. Searching through old newspapers he found the tragic story of four young men from a small Midwestern town by the name of Dead End from the year 1957. Auto mechanics by day and musicians by night, these four greasers had gotten into a bar fight which was to be settled with a drag race in a quarry nearby. Little did they know that it would be their demise. The four young men died that night when the rival gang rammed their dragster into the quarry wall. Buried near each other, their graves remained undisturbed for more than 45 years. The professor had found his artists. These four greasers would be re-animated and turned into walking corpses that do not crave flesh or brains, but instead have an unquenchable thirst for loud Rock n' Roll. The re-animation was a complete success with surprising results! These four undead hoodlums became incredible musicians within six months time. Ickben, who fell in love with the music they had created, called his band of ghouls The Decomposed. They are his life's work and they are here to take over the world with their punk rock of the living dead.

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