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As if the warm familiar melody of rootsy porch music has been plugged in and turned up: The Delta Saints are driving listeners from the comforting recline of their porch swings right to the edge of their seats. It’s a fusion of traditional southern soul and funk-inspired power, all layered with furious harmonica lines that simultaneously tie the group together and threaten to unseat it all in one sweep. It’s the unsettling sound of strength. A strength fueled by talent and bridled by a passion to relate to another that catches the attention of passers-by with its language-like quality. You can hear within it a conversation between five men able to speak to one another through their instruments. The essence of the Midwest and the bayou work together to make a sound unique but befitting of Nashville. And the energy that sweats from this gritty howling dynamic is a message heralding love and loss and consequence. And though the songs may end, the intensity generated from the act of something old made new again will hauntingly remain.

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Tour Dates:
2017-03-04 (Ended)The Delta SaintsParadiso
, Netherlands The
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2017-03-07 (Ended)The Delta Saints - Tour 2017Colos - Saal
Aschaffenburg Bayern , Germany
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2017-03-23 (Ended)The Delta SaintsChangó Live
, Spain
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Alençon Basse-Normandie , France
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2017-03-31 (Ended)The Delta Saints - Live 2017Zentrum Altenberg
Oberhausen Nordrhein-Westfalen , Germany
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