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Technically, The Early November's roots began ten years ago in Hammonton, New Jersey, when left handed Ace Enders picked up his step-dad's right-handed guitar and taught himself how to play. As he improved, he continued to play right handed, but began to play with the goal of getting a recording contract. "Originally, it was just me. I had some acoustic songs and I was looking to make a record. I was able to record everything but drums and bass, so I was searching for band members that had the same taste in music and the same goals." On the hunt for the perfect chemistry, Ace persevered through 15 band member changes in less than a year. Eventually, he came to find drummer Jeff Kummer and together they came up with the name The Early November. "At the start of November, the weather still hasn't decided what it is going to do; it can be hot at the beginning of the month, then suddenly turn cold," Jeff explains, "Early November is the changing of the seasons. It is the calm before the storm, a feeling that can be associated with anything in life, particularly relationships, so we felt it would be an appropriate name for our band." Together, Jeff and Ace as The Early November recorded a demo showcasing acoustic guitars with minimal drums and bass as back up. In the path of their influences: Jimmy Eat World and The Who, the music recorded was an incredible mix of intense rock songs with slower, sing-a-longs, each passionately capturing a spectrum of everyday feelings that all audiences can relate to. The demo was sent out to the only record label the band was interested in: Drive-Thru Records. With so many demos coming through the Drive-Thru office, it took an in-person meeting with label co-owner Richard Reines to bring record deal attention to the band. Richard received an instant message from one of the band member's girlfriends, asking him if he had heard the demo. As luck would have it, Richard was visiting the bandís hometown in New Jersey and agreed to meet with them to at least give some advice. The band was incredibly excited about the meeting and brought all their equipment with them, in hopes of playing live for Richard. Although they did not perform for him that night, they did play the demo. Richard then brought the CD back to his sister and co-owner of Drive-Thru, Stefanie Reines. What Richard and Stefanie heard on the demo was Ace's intensely personal lyrics with music that mirrored and increased the emotional vibe of each song, much in the way that a soundtrack in a movie increases the drama of each scene. "The last time a band stirred up this much emotion in me was six years ago when I discovered Jimmy Eat World," responds Stefanie. By the time that Drive-Thru offered them a record deal, The Early November was a full band with Ace Enders, Guitars and Vocals; Jeff Kummer, Drums; Sergio Anello, Bass; and Joesph Marro, Guitars, Rhodes piano, keyboards, vibraphone. Although the band had never been on the road before, playing only as local support for acts that came through the state of New Jersey, Richard and Stefanie were confident in the band to put them on the Drive-Thru Stage of the Warped for selected dates. As rumors spread about Drive-Thru's new signing, The Early November won over larger audiences at Warped. Their popularity was also shown on three of their songs quickly rose to the top five of the punk charts, with "Every Night's Another Story" hitting #1. Within two months The Early November already had over 180,000 downloads on The Early November's EP, "For All Of This" is due out appropriately on November 5. Featured on the EP will be "Every Night's Another Story", "All We Ever Needed", "I Wanna Hear You Sad" and "Ashala Rock." Two versions of the EP will be available. An acoustic version will be...

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Tour Dates:
2017-01-12 (Ended)The Early November with PrawnThe Sinclair
Cambridge Massachusetts , United States
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2017-01-13 (Ended)The Early November - Hidden in Plain ViewMusic Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn New York , United States
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2017-01-14 (Ended)The Early NovemberUnion Transfer
Philadelphia Pennsylvania , United States
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2017-01-20 (Ended)The Early NovemberThe Glass House
Pomona California , United States
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2017-03-17 (Ended)The Early NovemberThe Joiners
Southampton Southampton , United Kingdom
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