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"WITNESS!! The Guilty Ones!!!!! Liv, Jo, Oded and Manuel revivify the best of 60's and 70's and modern psychedelic pop rock riddims, producing a unique and adventurous musical melange with a sound all of its own. Liv's voice will sweep through your soul; mellisonant, mellifluous; infused with amatory yearning; you'd follow her words down the darkest backstreet. They call, they promise, they deliver. The Guilty Ones are the musical superlative. What a great find!".... .. - NY Good Times Magazine Their first single called .."All There Is".., produced by ..Dave Eringa.. (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild, Telegraphs) is already available for sale and download, and will soon be followed by a second single .."Dance With You".. produced by ..Mike Crossey.. (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, The Kooks), which has come out in March 2011... Stay tuned for more updates.

For further information please contact: .... ..the Guilty Ones: ...Lesley Scott ..07590663576 ....or:....Lander PR:.... 00 44 (0)20 8446 8881.. .... .... .. ..BBC 1 Fearne Cotton "Really like 'Dance with You" Well catchy!" .. .. ..BBC 1 Zane Lowe "'Dance with You' is a great poppy track!" .. .. ..RADIO 2 Head of Music "I really, really like 'Dance with You!" .. .. ..XFM John Kennedy "'Dance with You' is very catchy, a mix between the Cardigans and Ida Maria!" .. .. ..Unsigned Band Review Sarah Champion "Dance with you is effortlessly cool with killer vocals and a Strokes-esque backbeat on this track, all of which leaves us in no doubt this band are destined for greatness." .. .. ..Absolute Radio "Dance with You" chosen as pick of the week .. .. ..BBC Manchester- Sam Walker: ...." 'All there is' is an amazing song with brilliant vocals!".. .. .. .. ..Rare FM –London.... Head of Music Jonathan: .."The build up at the beginning is classic! This is very well put together, and the vocals are razor sharp" ..– 'All there is' has been added to the A List!.. .. .. .. ..Wire FM – London.... 'All there is' has been added to the A List!.. .. .. ..Smoke Radio – London.... Programme controller Jamie: .."Great indie pop with an edge!" .. .. .. ..KUBE Radio – Keele.... Head of Music Adrian: .."I love her gritty voice - she really belts it out and the music is very well put together!".. .. .. .. ..Shock Radio – Manchester.... "All there is" has been voted A List by the music team!!.. .. .. ..Xpress Radio – Cardiff.... Head of Music John: .."What a voice, love the build up at the beginning!".. – Added to the A List!!.. .. .. ..Gu2 – Surrey.... Head of Music Peter: .."Thank you very much for sending us the single 'All There Is' by The Guilty Ones. I absolutely loved this track; it had a really catchy tune with great lyrics and, in my opinion, amazing vocals. This will definitely be play listed".... .. .. ..Storm Radio – Colchester.... Head of Programming Michael: .."Olivia's vocals are raspy and she has an interesting accent when she sings - Song is well written".... .. .. ..Livewire 1350 AM.... Head of Music Samuel: .."Very well produced, and they have some impressive links. The build up at the beginning is very fitting".... .. .. ..

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Tour Dates:
2017-04-19 (Ended)Dave Alvin & The Guilty Ones - Sarah Borges & the Broken SinglesIron Horse Music Hall
Northampton Massachusetts , United States
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2017-04-22 (Ended)Dave Alvin & the Guilty OnesDaryl's House
Pawling New York , United States
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2017-04-23 (Ended)Dave AlvinCity Winery - New York
New York New York , United States
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2017-04-26 (Ended)Dave Alvin & The Guilty OnesWorld Cafe Live
Philadelphia Pennsylvania , United States
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2017-04-27 (Ended)Dave Alvin & The Guilty OnesStage on Herr
Harrisburg Pennsylvania , United States
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