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...... ...... ...... ...... ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... ...... ...... ..............Layout made by ..drellabella..Thanks for droppin by!We are The Krank Daddies.We're a Chicago based band always ready and willing to RIP IT UP!! After a few line up changes,even after the death of Funbags who was one of our past bass players who was killed in a bazzar wild pig incident and not the kind he hung out with after shows in the bars and dives we played at across this great country of ours but in a real wild pig hunting incident! Funbags never even seen it coming,that wild pig stuck his snout right up old Funbags ass!!Tusks and all!The pour pig died right there in funbegs ass.By the way,they had to surgically remove pig from his ass. It was tasty too! The pig that is. We ate it after Funbags funeral.I guess the hunting trip wasn't a complete loss.Anyway,the dream of Chops McClintock(the founding member of The Krank Daddies) is finally becoming a reality! After several shows, people have labeled The Krank Daddies music as,Phsycobilly,Cowpunk,hard drivin Rockabilly some have even called it worthless senseless shit!(what do x girlfriends know anyway) We just call it Raw Rippin Rock n Roll,that's also the title of a Krank Daddies smash hit and a real crowd pleaser. The Krank Daddies have played many shows with some wild ass crazy bands,such as,Leather Ass Bitch and a rival bitch band called Subtle Bitch.Chops M. dated the bass player of Subtle Bitch. Her name was The Sweet Bitch. She also worked part time in a slaughter house and was killed and chopped up after her nipples got caught in one of the meat grinder machines.At that time i think ground round was goin for $1.29lb. They also played shows with, Big Sack Bob and the Backyard Boners, The Cattle Herders, The Self Tappers,you don't wanna shake hands with those guys! Also,The Swollin Swellingtons,The Cheese Pizza Tavern Tour, Zed, Sugar Nipples, The After Darks, The Sour Ball Suckers they're a fun bunch of guys but you don't want to passout on there tour buss! The Sharks, The Shark finns, The Card Sharks,The Left Handers, those guys are members of The Backyard Boners who banded together with some guys from The sour Ball Suckers to form a super group,you don't want to get to close to the stage when those guys are playing with each other,i mean performing.There are to many more bands to mention. The Krank Daddies hope to play a rockin show at a club near you!! We'll let you know where and when. If you're a club owner,Rockabilly Fest, Car show ,Strip joint or just somebody that needs to hirer a band ,please contact us through this myspace page.We hope to see you real soon! Keep It Kranked...........The Krank Daddies .......P.S.If your a band that wants to hook up and do a show, let us know,we would love to come and RIP IT UP WITH YOU!!!

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All the latest The Krank Daddies events can be found in search or see on the wikipedia page. The Krank Daddies on wiki. Or look at the Youtube The Krank Daddies on Youtube

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