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Rock is dead? Meet Adam van der Riet's new band, The Summer Underground. Adam's work in benchmark South African underground bands like Pothole, Sacraphyx and Revellus makes him a legend in the true sense of the word. Proudly independent, hardcore to the bone and with a songwriting talent to match the hype, no-one deserves that acolade more than a seasoned rock 'n roll veteran like Mr van der Riet. Like Adam, a band like The Summer Underground comes along once in a lifetime. It is very seldom that every part of the rock machine clicks perfectly. A combination of thunderous guitar riffs with sublime pop melodies might sound like the oldest trick in the book, yet very few manage to truly get it right. The Summer Underground isn't metal or punk or goth or alternative or pop. They're all of these things and more. Much, much more. The Summer Underground sounds like everything and nothing . The mark of a band that truly understands what it will take to make rock vital again in 2009. Brett Reynolds was born to be a rockstar. In The Summer Underground he is every mother's nightmare. Mr Reynolds dominates the stage, combing rock heroics with a brutal bass display. The very foundation of TSU. Main. Adrian Langeveld is the best drummer in South Africa. His work with Damnatia and Sacraphyx cemented his place in history as one of the true giants. His combination of the most intricate rhythmic patterns with the sound of all hell breaking loose is, quite simply, awe inspiring. Come and see for yourself. Paul Howells is the Yngwie Malmsteen it's okay to like. Paul makes playing the lead guitar look easy. In Adam and Paul The Summer Underground Guitar Army is in safe hands. And yes, Paul's amp goes to 11. In Imogen Tapscott, The Summer Underground has uanearthed a major talent. All of the hype amounts to nothing if the frontperson isn't worth their weight in gold. Or in Imogen's case, double platinum. She writes. She sings. She performs. A star is born. The immenent The Summer Underground CD release also marks the return of WayCool Records to active duty. Hennie. WayCool Records. 10/11/2009

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2016-12-10 (Ended)Summer UndergroundThe Haunt
Ithaca New York , United States
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