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In just six years, West Virginia-based TIME AND DISTANCE has evolved from a kid with a guitar to a professional touring band that has played hundreds of venues and shared stages with CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR, RELIANT K, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, HIT THE LIGHTS, and numerous others. Their songs have been featured on MTV, Vans Warped Tour, and radio stations around the country. TIME AND DISTANCE’s debut LP, “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” is a top seller on iTunes and Smartpunk.com, and features multi-platinum superproducer MATT SQUIRE (PANIC AT THE DISCO, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, THE USED, ALL TIME LOW). Amidst their success, rapidly expanding fanbase, and growing popularity, TIME AND DISTANCE came from humble beginnings. In early 2002, singer / songwriter GREG McGOWAN began to write songs that would soon evolve into TIME AND DISTANCE’s “BLOOD LOSS FOR AN EXCUSE” EP. McGowan played shows for his friends at venues around Charleston and in 2003, McGowan caught the attention of I-SURRENDER RECORDS. McGowan was quickly signed to the label, and was touring the country with MIDTOWN, A STATIC LULLABY, THE MOVIELIFE, THE HONORARY TITLE, and ONELINEDRAWING. By 2005, the band was in Washington DC with award-winning producer Matt Squire. Squire pushed the band toward new levels of creativity, and within a few days, the band had recorded eleven songs that would become TIME AND DISTANCE’s debut LP “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.” Soon after finishing their debut LP in 2006, TIME AND DISTANCE decided to part ways with I-SURRENDER RECORDS to focus on their do-it-yourself attitude. The band booked their own tours, and their debut LP sold out at shows around the US. Still today, “THE WAY IT SHOULD BE” is a top seller on ITUNES and leading music distribution websites around the nation. The band wrapped up 2006 by supporting RELIANT K, VALENCIA, MAE, SUGARCULT, OVER IT, THE SPILL CANVAS, and others on tour. The band utilized the rest of 2006 and 2007 to write an arsenal of new material and focus on promotion and ALTERNATIVE PRESS Magazine declared TIME AND DISTANCE “One of the ten best unsigned bands in the US.” When the band wasn’t in the studio working on new material, they were on the road with national acts such as BOYS LIKE GIRLS, FOUR LETTER LIE, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, and ROSES ARE RED. 2008 has continued to usher in new success for the band, as they signed to Not Alone Records, followed by gaining endorsement deals with SJC CUSTOM DRUMS, DUNLOP, MICHAEL KELLY GUITARS, and BREATHE ATLANTIC CLOTHING. The band spent the summer of 2008 writing new songs that, in the words of Greg McGowan, “have taken on a myriad of new directions…both lyrically and sonically.” TIME AND DISTANCE recently released a new single titled “BABY BE…” that received tens-of-thousands of plays on Myspace in a few short days. TIME AND DISTANCE recently partnered with multi-platinum music executive CJ BAKKE (FALL OUT BOY, PANIC AT THE DISCO, T.I.) and FINAL CONNECTION MANAGEMENT to expand their fan base and obtain new levels of success. As one critic said, “TIME AND DISTANCE is a movement. Can their songs change the world? I’m not sure, but this band has the hooks, talent, songs, and looks to make the takeover.” In 2009 they head back to the studio to work on their third release. The band has chosen to work with producer Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights,Cobra Starship,Houston Calls) to produce the record. The record will be in stores everywhere late spring/early summer 2009. Bio written by CJ Bakke (Fall Out Boy,Panic At The Disco,T.i.)

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Tour Dates:
Marietta Georgia , United States
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2017-04-27 (Ended)Hawthorne Heights / Time and Distance / Down in Round Three / ResetThe V-Club
Huntington West Virginia , United States
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2018-04-05 (Ended)Scenes From a Movie, Young Hunger, Time & Distance, AchromatikThe Loving Touch
Ferndale Michigan , United States
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2018-05-17 (Ended)Ray Wilson (Ex-Genesis) - Live & Acoustic - Time & DistanceBrunsviga,
Braunschweig Niedersachsen , Germany
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2018-05-18 (Ended)Ray Wilson (Ex-Genesis) - Live & Acoustic - Time & DistanceKNIESTEDTER KIRCHE
Salzgitter-Bad Niedersachsen , Germany
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