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The Turnpike Troubadours, whose name is derived from the bumpy Oklahoma toll-roads and their hard lived folk singing heroes, are proof that isolation can be the mother of originality. Cutting its teeth in roadside dancehalls and honky-tonks has made a serious impact on the band’s musical style, which walks the proverbial line between Woody Guthrie and Waylon Jennings. “Bossier City,” the band’s debut album, is a testament to the small towns in which they were raised. It combines Folk, Country, Cajun, and Bluegrass with stories of longing, humor, tragedy, and overall life in rural America. Their live show reflects years of coercing beer joint crowds into responding to unfamiliar music. It is fast, gritty, and often drenched in beer, but always a good time. The Turnpike Troubadours continually gather ground both literally and figuratively as they share the stage with many prestigious acts in all genres. Currently the band is working on its follow up album with veteran producer and songwriter Mike McClure as well as relentlessly playing shows in Texas and Oklahoma.

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