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Adviser Valerie Morrison is a Psychic Medium located in Philadelphia PA providing Psychic Readings from her Office or by Telephone across the nation and the rest of the world to her many clients which also include many Stars and Celebrities. \n\nValerie recently did an interview with USA Today, Philadelphia Magazine and most recently was featured on Court TVs Psychic Detectives. \n\nShe has been a regular in the Radio & Television industry for the past 38 years with television appearances on People are Talking hosted by Maury Povich, Larry King and others to name a few.\n\nValerie’s psychic abilities and psychic predictions, together with her over 38 years of counseling experience brings to you guidance for concerns about your Loved Ones, Children, Health, Finances, Legal Issues, Relocating, Business Decisions and of course Living & Departed Loved Ones. \n\nValerie’s hope is that her advice, observations, and her psychic perception about you and your loved ones will make Peace and Happiness always the greatest part of your life.\n\nMay your Future bring to you all the joy your heart can hold.

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