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Six-time Grammy Award winner Van Morrison is one of the most accomplished songwriters and tour date draws of the 20th century. As a member of the group Them, he penned the hit track "Gloria" that would go on to become one of the greatest rock songs of the '60s. He began his solo career with a bang when he wrote the hit single "Brown Eyed Girl," that would go on to be one of the most covered songs ever. He has influenced countless musical artists and groups and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Recently, he released his 33rd original studio album, Keep It Simple, in 2008 to critical acclaim. With no tour dates in 2011 and no new albums on the horizon, fans of Van Morrison might have to wait until 2012 to see Van Morrison live. George Ivan Morrison was born on August 31, 1945, in Bloomfield, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In the spring of 1964, Morrison responded to an ad requesting musicians to play at a new R&B club on its opening night. Not a member of a band at the time, Morrison approached The Gamblers to fill the spot and the band soon became known as Them. One of the songs performed at the Maritime was "Gloria," the length of which depended on how much time needed to be filled. After a dispute over revenues on a tour date in Hawaii, Them disbanded and Morrison returned to Ireland jaded. In 1967, Van Morrison returned to New York and signed a solo contract with Bang Records without even reading the document. After recording a few tracks in the studio, Bang released the album, Blowin' Your Mind!, without notifying Morrison. Despite the deceit, the album contained a copy of "Brown Eyed Girl," which became an instant classic and received massive plays on the radio. Van Morrison had begun work on a groundbreaking song cycle that he had already performed on tour dates in clubs and small venues. Morrison was nearly broke at this point and funneled his despair into the 1968 album Astral Weeks. The Celtic song cycle initially confused many, but has become widely known as Van Morrison's masterpiece and one of the greatest albums in the history of music. Moondance was released in 1970 and was a more conventional album than the previous, exhibiting a R&B sound that struck a chord with fans and critics. By this time, Morrison was finishing the recording process in a matter of days, allowing him to release an album almost every year and play extensive tour dates. After releasing the hit album, Wavelength, in 1978, Van Morrison spent much of the 80s making meditative records similar to Astral Weeks. Many of the albums he released in the 90s failed to achieve commercial success, and Morrison spent the majority of his time on grueling tour dates. This streak was broken with the releases of Down the Road (2002), Magic Time (2005), and the country album, Pay the Devil (2006). After a slew of Greatest Hits albums, Van Morrison released his latest and 33rd album, Keep It Simple, in 2008, which reached #10 on the Billboard 200 and proved that Morrison still has what it takes after all these years.

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Tour Dates:
2016-12-18 (Ended)Van MorrisonWaterfront Hall
Belfast Belfast , United Kingdom
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2017-01-13 (Ended)Van MorrisonThe Colosseum At Caesars Palace
Las Vegas Nevada , United States
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2017-01-14 (Ended)Van MorrisonThe Colosseum At Caesars Palace
Las Vegas Nevada , United States
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2017-01-17 (Ended)Van MorrisonRuth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater Florida , United States
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2017-01-18 (Ended)Van MorrisonRuth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater Florida , United States
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External Comments:
DorelMTV I know this dream will never come true...
2011-05-12 23:59:29

MauiLu mongushu, U got it so right, man i can't add any more on the subject...Absolutely, on the money...I seen Van since the late sixties, when he lived in San Fran and then to Woodstock, 4 awhile... Van and Dylan any time anywhere, their music just gets better and better, ur right it's about Van
2011-02-18 04:47:26

mongushu People complaining about Van's 'rudeness' are missing it all together. Let me ask you, do the van records you listen to, do they say hello to you? Do they say goodnight and thank you No they don't. It's about the music, the experience. It is and always has been, in my opinion with Van. And that's part of what makes him the so special, so incomparable, and so genuinely engaging. It's not about Van pandering to his audience. It's not about saying hello. It's not about giving the audience what they want. Not at all. It's about hearing van and his band live. It's about being there. It's about the opportunity for Van to life you up, to propel you, as he says, into the mystic. It'd be one thing to feel ripped off if you paid $400 to hear van in concert only to discover that Van was replaced that night by Celen Dion. That i'd understand. I might even understand if you paid even just $50 expecting to hear Van play his music only to discover that he's decided to play an evening of Metalica's music. But for you folks to complain about an evening of Van, being himself, and letting it out for you with whatever he's honestly got that evening... it's just so off base. It saddens me to think that despite hearing his music and wanting to see him in person, that the essence of what he gives is lost on you. Ive never seen Van live, but I will next opportunity I get. For me, everything a live show offers besides for the music is extra. It's amazing to me that Van's extra, this honest, unabashed presentation of his emotional state, his closed off body language and the likes, is taken by some extremely self absorbed people as rudeness. It's just not about you, don't you get that? It's about Van. It's about his honesty. That's why you paid to see him and didn't sit at home and listen to his records. You paid for the opportunity to hear Van live that evening and I'm certain that's what you got. Maybe next time around, you should check out some other artist, who's h
2011-02-15 12:47:58

nanny54 what the hell kind of Irishman doesn't like to be around booze? a smart one I first saw him in 68, he was rude then too. Played all of Astral Weeks with his back turned, half hidden behind an amp.Damn, guess i got gypped like Carolee12. I'd give both my eyeteeth and my left nut to be there again though.
2011-01-22 08:12:30

Terri55 Van Morrison is one of the few exceptional talents of our time. When I read some of these comments about his concerts, it's hard to believe people are hung up on whether he talks or doesn't like cameras flashing. Their appreciation should be focused on his outstanding voice, performing, and writing talent. I listen to other music, but it is never repeated to extent my VM collection is. I went to the concert at the Hardrock Live in Hollywood, it was superb and I am hoping Van will be back somewhere in the area. One thing I noticed at the concert was that fans there had an enormous respect for his performance. Reviews have reported at other venues that the yelling and noise were so distracting, I can't imagine how he could perform. I have been a fan of VM since I was young. Being a blues fan, Van is an outstanding performer in the blues arena but I love all his music. I was fortunate enough to see part of a concert VM did at the BBC Four Sessions. As we are all more seasoned now, Van was at his best .Wish I could have been there that would have been a dream come true, a small venue, magnificent 17th century church, fantastic. When my husband gets in my car, he says do we have to listen to Van Morrison or Van Morrison( as my other cd's don't get as much play) He's a big fan also. Van, please come back we would love to see you again!!
2010-11-26 10:53:42

MadamGeorge November 24/2010. @ Powell River, B.C./Canada I have loved Van Morrison since I was a baby, and always will. Please call Your lost little girl Madam George/ Boffyflow Van. No Joke. For Real ! "Hard Nose The HIghway" * I am so sorry it is taking such a very long time to reconnect. I just can't figure out how to get a message to You. Don't know which number to call, no-one takes me seriously, and I prefer to keep the details of Our shared past long ago, Private. Please call or come see Me, as You know We have much to discuss, and I hope with all my heart i will live to see the day when We re-Unite, for important mutual healing purposes. With Much True Spiritual Love Always.....Your one and only... Madam George or Boffy.
2010-11-24 15:42:30

JRE52 Van M played in Houston at the Cynthia Woods Pavillion on May 3, 2010. He requested no alcohol would be served during the concert to prevent people milling around, spilling drinks on people and interupting the concert. I approved of it myself but, heard because it had never been done people at the concert were flabergasted. Anyway, the concert was very professional, no time for talk or introducing band members. He never took a break and played in the outdoor venue in hot sultry weather straight through for 1 1/2 hours. I personally thought he rocked and was doing his job with superb quality and his beautiful soulful music. He is a man of view words and a private person. I came for the music and he delivered with an excellent song lineup and wonderful voice control on each song. His influence is the blues and I can tell he is still playing his heart out! I adore Van Morrison and he has it going on!!!!
2010-10-19 08:10:11

TheGamblers Yes he is famous for his behaviour. The Stones have been rewarded by the Queen for 40 years of bad behaviour (Jagger's words). LOL... He was the same at 17... he's a tough guy, I like it. But he has also invented a music style covered by every big band of the times till now. I know Them's history since The Gamblers, and I love them. Not only: under my roof Billy McCoy and Eric Wrixon have slept many times. They know him well and respect him too. As Eric says: "He can't miss a note, he's perfect". Then guys you gotta see in which kind of society and politic moment those young guys grew up. I would like to see you in the same situation. They became famous coming from Ireland and playing in London. The other bands were say... local bands... I also appreciated him in Scorsese's blues movie, where he just came, sit and play. He didn't miss a note , without warming up and at a certain age. He still rocks. What a singer !!!
2010-10-16 15:24:36

Carolee123 I am SOOOO very disappointed in Van..I have been a HUGE fan of his since day one...the last concert he played in Austin TX, I paid, $400 to see him, and so did my 6 friends that went with me. I know he claims to be SHY, but I would say, if an entertainer, when he comes out on stage, does not at least say HELLO,and acknowledge his fans that adore him, and almost always turns his back, NEVER introduces his band, plays for less than one hour and half, turns around and walks off the stage, no good night, no thank you, NOTHING!! I call that RUDE, NOT shy... so did the people I heard leaving the concert that evening..I am sad, but will NEVER pay to see him again...and I know others that feel the same way..Still a fan, but will never go see him in concert again...
2010-09-06 11:04:17