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..The songs of this album have been compiled through the course of the last three years of my life. I have asked myself what has defined these years and come to see that the Lord has brought me through a season of finding my faith. And what I have come to learn is that when we face the hardest things, the things we never imagined we would face, we have one choice. We can run to God, or run from Him. We can choose to believe that He is good, or choose to believe that nothing is good. We can choose to dance with Him, or choose to curse Him. I’ve come to see that He is always there, in the midst of the storm, offering us His hand, asking for our gaze, whispering in our ear. If only we but choose to listen. These songs are the tension within. These songs are a response of belief, Lord help my unbelief. These songs are songs given in the night season... .. .. ...... .. ....United Pursuit Band.... ....Add As Friend.... ....My Blog.... ....Booking.... .. .. ..

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Tour Dates:
2017-11-15 (Ended)Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Charlotte, NCCenterStage @ NODA
Charlotte North Carolina , United States
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2017-11-16 (Ended)Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Raleigh, NCMarket Hall
Raleigh North Carolina , United States
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2017-11-18 (Ended)Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Baltimore, MDBaltimore Studios: Studio 4
Baltimore Maryland , United States
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2018-03-15 (Ended)Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Edinburgh, UKCentral Hall
Edinburgh Edinburgh, City of , United Kingdom
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2018-03-20 (Ended)Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Birmingham, UKBirmingham City Church
Birmingham West Midlands , United Kingdom
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