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(850) 432-0800

201 E. Gregory St.
Florida, United States
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venue_capacity: 10,500
Latitude: 30.416384, Longitude: -87.208908
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Pensacola Bay Center schedule:
2016-11-10 18:00:00 (Ended)Casting CrownsFind Tickets
2016-12-09 18:00:00 (Ended)I Love The 90's TourFind Tickets
2016-12-09 18:00:00 (Ended)I Love The 90s: Salt N Pepa, Coolio, Kid N Play, Color Me Badd, Young MC & Tone LocFind Tickets
2016-12-15 23:00:00 (Ended)Pensacola Bay Center After Game SkateFind Tickets
2016-12-16 18:05:00 (Ended)Pensacola Ice Flyers vs. Huntsville HavocFind Tickets

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External Comments:
Sydviciousss Seriously, we need some more awesome concerts here! The last one I went to was The Used like 3 years ago. Come on.
2011-02-03 14:47:36

spradling100164 This is getting to be real depressing, Ice Flyers, Market Basket ??????
2010-11-02 06:53:35

demifan12 love it
2009-08-10 22:46:49

LadyMadia nothing as usual
2008-12-21 09:43:53

billdavis we need to get the sound corrected first and formost. we need some headliners. we need to get off our asses and beat out the wharf they are taking all our money
2008-09-08 11:38:55

Josheh1 Yeah we need way more people coming here. But the warf is pretty popular too.
2008-07-24 18:40:21

SexxC1 i kno rite
2008-05-14 17:33:33

msthangzhoney i think more ppl should come here cause we never get any big time artist
2008-03-03 21:57:00

KimBetz I think everybody should be able to see all of this information in their own studio. Then it will be worldwide.
2007-12-16 06:08:01